You have entered my sensual world and I hope that you

... have plenty of time to spend with me. I want to explore you from top to bottom and I hope that you are worth my time and energy. I am perfection and you must be willing to go that extra mile to prove yourself to me!
xoxo Agnetis Miracle
DayDreams & Updates
27 November



What do you really think?
23 November

Falling In Love

Falling In Love by Agnetis Miracle
06 November


by Agnetis Miracle Gallery 84 Pics

30 October


02 October

Lovely Lazy Long Weekend...

Lovely Lazy Long Weekend... by Agnetis Miracle
Gallery 81 Pics
13 November

Private Moments


22 October



So out of curiosity, what exercises do you recommend?
43 PICS of My Workout Chest
09 October

Livco Corsetti Abra

Livco Corsetti Abra from my /Passing away.../

Gallery 34 Pics Included 20 never seen!
25 September


Don't Stop Your Show by Agnetis Miracle
VIDEO 9:24
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DayDreams & Updates
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