You have entered my sensual world and I hope that you

... have plenty of time to spend with me. I want to explore you from top to bottom and I hope that you are worth my time and energy. I am perfection and you must be willing to go that extra mile to prove yourself to me!
xoxo Agnetis Miracle
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30 July


Heavy Sun

11 July



24 July

Workout #002

Workout #002 - Lap Pull Down

The early beginnings of the Holiday Adventure
17 July


Things you need to know about Suspenders before adding them to your repertoire

Lose the Loops. ...
Mind the Rise. ...
Adjust the Length. ...
Leave a Little Room. ...
Float the Waist. ...
Ease the Fluctuations. ...
Suspenders Are UNDERWEAR!
° ° ° 
DayDreams & Updates