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xoxo Agnetis

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27 November 2014


Underwater Worl of Agnetis

18 November 2014


Sun of Lanzarote

7 November 2014


Saying Goodbye to Pumpkins VIDEO

26 October 2014

Halloween Upcoming!

Halloween Upcoming!

Are you ready?
10 October 2014


Peace, Love & Agnetis

Collection of 29 Images in 4K Resolution

Download Special Wallpaper - Peace, Love & Agnetis
26 September 2014


9 September 2014



In drawing, painting or shooting, a way of portraying three dimensions on a flat, two-dimensional images by suggesting who is Goddess.

Sexy Black Chemise with the Snake from Agnetis DayDream's Wish List
Special thanks go to Olivier XOXO
3 September 2014


Relax on the Boat
30 August 2014

Canary... the color

12 November 2014
New Pool - Let's choose best idea - IdeaBox
Previously - You voted for Video "Breast float underwater" 61%! - COMING SOON ;)
Thank you Nitram for the Idea!

Worm's eye view

Worm's eye view - Gallery

31 November 2014

Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

16 October 2014


Worm's eye view - VIDEO

The view is different... your point of view depends on where you sit. This one is dedicated for some of you... I hope lot of you

04 October 2014



18 September 2014


13 September 2014



Forever Young Spandex Catsuit from Agnetis DayDream's Wish List
5 September 2014

USA Bikinni

God Bless America and @AgnetisMiracle
USA Tie Bikinni Patriotic - 4th of July

Dedicated for all American guys and Sponsor of this USA Bikinni from Agnetis DayDream's Wish List

Download Special Wallpaper - God Bless America and @AgnetisMiracle
25 August 2014


Too much Bubbles in the bathtub - Video

05 August 2014

Beach of Lanzarote

Public Beach Video

Which is the best beach in Lanzarote? Only where Agnetis is playing...
23 July 2014


maybe a bit more - Video 7:29

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