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The Only Small Part of My DayDream World - Join Me!
30 July


Heavy Sun

11 July



7 July


Florence Soft Bra

20 June

DVD Bikini

DVD Biki Top

16 June


VIDEO 11.34

1 June


Polka Dots Video

24 July

Workout #002

Workout #002 - Lap Pull Down

The early beginnings of the Holiday Adventure
17 July


Things you need to know about Suspenders before adding them to your repertoire

Lose the Loops. ...
Mind the Rise. ...
Adjust the Length. ...
Leave a Little Room. ...
Float the Waist. ...
Ease the Fluctuations. ...
Suspenders Are UNDERWEAR!
3 July

Polka Dots

Polka Dots

29 June


Sexy Red Wetlook Queen & Ever Faith Austrian Crystal Pearls - VIDEO

25 June



8 June

Good Morning

Good Morning Love

'Good morning love,
know that beautiful,
that I will be part of your hours,
your minutes,
of your sunset and nightfall,
more beautiful still,
know that before you read this
You've also said
Good morning love.'

DayDream Inspired by Lucas XOXO
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