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19 May


The Miracle of Gravity

30 April


IdeaBox - Measuring the Twins

In my IdeaBox you voted for "Photo or Video of weighing and measuring the Twins", so here you are. Today some pics about measuring, the units are in 'cm' not 'inches' - so don't panic. The weighing soon. XOXO

Some Facts:

The total circumference of the right Twin: Circuit U type: The total circumference of the Twins, measured backless:

60 cm / 23.62 in

50cm / 19.68 in

101cm / 39.76 in

Read More in Me!

05 April


Sexy Red Wetlook Queen & Ever Faith Austrian Crystal Pearls

from My WishList <3
23 March


Little Girl

14 March

Upside Down

The world's been turned upside down...
23 February


#BestCleavageEver - VIDEO

13 February

Too Small

IdeaBox - Too Small
Shirts and Bras that are a couple sizes too small by Nick
from my IdeaBox - Lets choose your next best idea!
Thank you Nick for the Idea!

You voted for Too Small

43% Shirts and Bras that are a couple sizes too small [by Nick]
2% SWAT uniform with guns [by Nikolae]
13% Secretary with black pantyhose [by Gloseins]
41% Laying down and massage your boobs with oil [by Will]
06 February



24 January 2015


Milkymesss VIDEO

17 January 2015


Seethrough, Vintage Baggy Long Cardigan

Gallery of 40 Full HD Pictures
I'm Immensely Grateful to James XOXO

Seethrough, Vintage Baggy Long Cardigan from
Agnetis DayDream's Wish List

13 May


Morning Moisturizing - VIDEO 8:43

You will Love having Full Access!
5 May



27 April


Stairway - VIDEO

20 April

Feel Me

Feel Me - VIDEO 9:54

Feel Me, I Feel You!
15 April



09 April


Enjoying the warmth and intimacy of the new Gorsenia

Gorsenia Florence Soft Bra and Sensuelle Briefs from My WishList
Thank you Tom and James <3
28 March

Home Alone

Home Alone - VIDEO 11:07

18 March


10 March


9 Minutes Workout - VIDEO

Getting Beach Body Ready - Summer's Just Around The Corner!
You will Love having Full Access!
04 March

Cranberry Bikini

Cranberry Bikini on the Beach

Supporting Role Balconnet Bikini Cranberry 34 K
27 February


Curvy Kate Emily Bra Aqua/Ivory 32K

...from my Wishlist TY!
17 February



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