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The Only Small Part of My DayDream World - Join Me!
28 May


18 May

Marilyn Miracle

International Museum Day 50% OFF!

6 May



Intimacy takes time to develop and a person, Are you there?
28 April

Coffee Date

What would you talk about on a coffee date? Disqus Time!

16 April


04 April

Walkabout 2

19 March


13 March

I want to be an artist, not an erotic freak!

27 February


I’m personally opposed to a deep tan because I like to feel blond all over...
13 February


Recipe: Take a sheet of crystalline, sprinkle with a few ice cubes and place the Twins, imagination fulfill sensual music by Chris... VIDEO 6:30
Thank you DAN - IdeaBox Winner!
06 February


Zebra Bikini Set
30 January

Carnival VIDEO

Last party in the carnival is coming, don't miss!
31 December

The Best New Year Ever!

Thank you that I could be with you, it was wonderful!
Let this moment in the DayDream last!
Happy New Year, my Loves! XOXO

15 May


How can I persuade you to walk through the old city?

Let's talk about walking... let's talk about something else :)
I'll be here at least once a day. A.
24 April

Workout #4


10 April

Twin Sisters

26 March

The Curves

06 March

The Confectioner

VIDEO 5:30
20 February


Morning, caring about positive frame of mind...
24 January



12 January


Peeping on Agnetis...
Private moments

15 January

Little Black

Let me to Exhilarate you tonight.

05 January


I need sun! Frozen I'm starting to yearn for the summer, I dream of hot Cyprus! I have my memories from Canaries so far
24 December


Santa Claus Agnetis Miracle
Merry Christmas to Everyone!
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