Full Name: Agnetis Miracle
My Breast Size: 32KK that's all a man really wants to know right, and yes - they are 100% natural!

My Native Tongue: Polish
My Birth City: Warsaw
My Shoe Size: 8 / 39
My Breast Size: 32KK / 70L
My Pant Size:12
My Shirt Size: Large
My Natural Hair Colour: Blond
My Eye Colour: Blue
My Weight: A Lady Never Says!
My Height: 5'7
My Birthdate: June 5th, 1990
My Horoscope sign: Gemini

My Favorite Dream Car: 1957 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

My Favorite TV Show: None
My Favorite Movie: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
My Favorite Shoes: High Heeled Pumps
My Favorite Meal: Anything Romantic
My Favorite Sport: Skiing
My Favorite Hobby/Pastimes: Reading, Skiing, Music
My Pets: Persian Cat

Likes: Friendly guys and girls! I love to have fun and hate hanging out with depressing people! I love sexy lingerie as well.

Dislikes: Rude people
A quality I desire in a man: I want my knight in shining armor! So Gallantry, Charm, Caring, and Chivalry!
A quality I desire in a woman: Loyalty, Truth, and Honesty
What I appreciate most among my friends: Honesty, Loyalty, and Truth

My biggest defect: I have none;)

What would be my biggest misfortune: Losing my followers and friends!
Who I would most like to be: Myself!
Where I would most like to live: I want to travel around the world!
What I hate the most: Rude Selfish People

Nature's gift I would most like to have: I think I have the best that nature has to offer don't you?

How I would like to die: Never going to die!

My Motto: I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

My Favorite time of Day: Sunset

My typical Saturday morning: I like to lie in bed as the sun comes up enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the morning. I think enjoy tea, toast, and a long soak in the tub.

My Tattoos /Piercings: no
My highest level of education: College
The languages I speak: Polish and English
My Obsession(s): Romance
My Phobia(s): Being Alone
My favorite body part (on me): My Twins
My favorite body part (on someone else): Eyes

Regrets? I do not have any regrets yet, that might change as I get older, but I'm happy with my life!


Why I think I am sexy: I think sexy is a state of mind more than anything else, and I feel that I am sexy therefore I am sexy.

The qualities/features I look for in the men and/or women I date: Trust, I want someone that I can trust with all I hold dear. That is a key trait for me. I also love beautiful eyes and big hands.

The most important things which relate to me and my happiness: Success and being truly happy with myself.

My best friend would describe me as: Fun, wild, and true blue loyal friend.

The craziest thing I have done in the past 5 years: I have done so many wild, crazy, and fun things in the past 5 years it is hard to figure out which is the craziest. I have been known to skinny dip in the pools in the city.

The most important thing my fans should know: That I am here for both of us. I am trying to create a world where no one else can go or touch. A heavenly world made just for us.


I like big breasts on other women. I think breasts are a very real and important and I love seeing each and every other woman's twins.

What I think about my breasts: I love my twins they are my world. I love that they get me the attention that I need and deserve. I love how they keep me company at night and fill me with wondrous thoughts of an erotic world that I want to build. I like it when someone plays with my breasts during sex.

The best/worst part about having large breasts:
The best part about having large breasts is how they make you feel. You never have to worry about getting breast implants.
What I don't like about having large twins is that they get in the way of a lot of things including eating, but that is a small price to pay for having such a loving set of twins. The only other thing that can be annoying is finding shirts and bras to fit, but again I don't mind!

to be continued :)

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06 Oct


Happy #WorldSmileDay these are the things that make you smile! Today something special for my Ms - never published smiling photos from my #DayDrem world, I hope you will like it! Agnetis Miracle

01 May

The Pearls

The Pearls, Midnight and Me... Agnetis Miracle

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01 Apr


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27 Nov


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22 Oct


Workout So out of curiosity, what exercises do you recommend?
43 PICS of My Workout Chest
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21 Sep

Workout #003

Workout #003 - TreadmillSimply ;)
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11 Aug


I'm #HomeBird in 100% I Love My Home, There are many reasons for this, If you are HomeBird write yours - If not What do you Like? Agnetis Miracle

15 May


How can I persuade you to walk through the old city?Let's talk about walking... let's talk about something else :)
I'll be here at least once a day. A.
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28 Apr

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6 Aug


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24 Jul

Workout #002

Workout #002 - Lap Pull DownThe early beginnings of the Holiday Adventure
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8 Jun

Good Morning

Good Morning Love Good morning love,
know that beautiful,
that I will be part of your hours,
your minutes,
of your sunset and nightfall,
more beautiful still,
know that before you read this
You've also said
Good morning love.'

DayDream Inspired by Lucas Agnetis Miracle

10 Mar


9 Minutes Workout - VIDEO Getting Beach Body Ready - Summer's Just Around The Corner!
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09 May

This Morning...

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16 Apr


Only a few, I'm here because of you... Agnetis Miracle

12 Apr


/unreleased/I love my assets, but what I love more is decorating them by new bras!Each of bra is a new crown for my twins. It is a huge pleasure when I check which of the crown fits best. I am very glad that you also share adoration for sexy lingerie. I'm curious which of the bras do you like the most?
Thank you all for new ideas, your creativity is encouraged to action... and for the lingerie :) Agnetis Miracle

7 Apr


GoPro...Sun, fresh air and daily exercise, this is what I need now, by the way I checked my GoPro - right way? Agnetis Miracle

22 Feb


Biological role... Agnetis Miracle

20 Feb


Her favorite colors Beige, Black, White, Red... Her favorite perfume: Chanel No. 5 - I'm completely different, though often changing colors... time for Orange Agnetis Miracle

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