14 Aug!


I loved the charm of the Canary Islands, a few private moments
Agnetis Miracle

05 Aug

Beach of Lanzarote

Public Beach Which is the best beach in Lanzarote? Only where Agnetis is playing...
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30 July


Public Beach
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23 July


maybe a bit more - 7:29
VIDEO Agnetis Miracle

18 July

Safari Bikini

More memories from sunny Crete last year
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15 July

Blue Moments

Blue Moments and Freezing Pools The inauguration of the Paradise Bikini Blue 32K from my Wishlist on the beaches of the Canary Islands
Agnetis Miracle

8 July


Do you like curls?
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3 July


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27 June


Greetings from Hell
Hot place on the Earth... next update with the Hot !
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20 June

Soft and Wet sand...

Playing on the beach at Canaries
I was on vacation thanks to my friends!For two weeks I did some pictures and videos - I'm sure that you will like it! This is my first set from the amazing Canary Islands. My new Veronica Bikini from my Wishlist looks really good! Thank you again!
Agnetis Miracle

9 June


At least the Brazucas are ready for the FIFA World Cup
 Brazucas facts:
•Weight 6.2 lb (2.8 kg) each
•Circumference 26 in. (66 cm) each
•The Identical Panels were inspired by the dreams of millions...
•2 piece in an effort to assure constant weight and roundness.
•Smooth, silky finish. Start to practice Today!
Thank you Ivan, You Made My DayDream!
Agnetis Miracle

15 May

Sea and Waves

I want to say Big Thank You to all who have supported my trip to the Canaries - I love You!!! I'm sure that you will not be disapointed! Take off on 31 May!
Agnetis Miracle

09 May

This Morning...

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