My twins needs and their wishlist

If you are looking for a sophisticated and luxurious babe, like me, in sexy lingerie then check out my wish lists. I love silky, sexy, lingerie that fits my boobs and curves. When I get something new and sexy I sometimes do a photo-shoot right then and there. If you want to be a part of my world buy me something that you'd like to see my fantastic twins in. When you buy me something off my wish list that you are excited by I'll put it on and do a photo-shoot and you will be the first one to see it!
Take a look at my wish list and pick something out that we both will enjoy!

My UK Measurements: Balcony Bra 32L or 32KK

My DayDream WishList

Purchased Gifts - Thank You!
I will add Your wishes in my Amazon WishList, Mail me what do you like!

The Canaries

Brought to You by Ali, Andrew, William, Peter, Kurt, James, Juren, Dan, Henrik, Peju..., Roald, Steven and Oli!



This Voyage proudly brought to You by my Friends!
I so appreciate Steven, Mike, Ian, Mcc, Benao, Unimi, Ali G, Gene, Chris, James, Mark, David, Aron, Lea, Peter, Sloan and Kurt!

Greece - My Premier Voyage!

Thank you for taking part in my DayDream World
27 February


Curvy Kate Emily Bra Aqua/Ivory 32K

...from my Wishlist TY!
11 February

Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold by Agnetis Miracle

Unpacking and Try On! VIDEO
New Liquid String Bikini Swimsuit Liquid Gold X-Large (sic!)
from my WishList,Thank you Mickael! XOXO

17 January


Seethrough, Vintage Baggy Long Cardigan

I'm Immensely Grateful to James XOXO

Seethrough, Vintage Baggy Long Cardigan from
Agnetis DayDream's Wish List
13 September



Forever Young Spandex Catsuit from Agnetis DayDream's Wish List
26 April


Paradise Bikini

Paradise Bikini Blue 32K is ready for the inauguration on the beaches of the Canary Islands soon but you won't be disappointed right now...
8 April

High Heel

From Chris <3 only for Members
Agnetis in CRYSTAL ENCRUSTED High Heel by ETSY
6 March

Watermelon 34K

Very beauty, soft and elegance Curvy Kate Romance Balcony Plum/Watermelon 34K from Andrew <3

9 January

Is theresome

Very beauty Pearls from James & soft, elegance Ruby Panache from Steven <3

Panache Women's Nancy Nautical
Thank you! :-X

Leopard Body, Kisses to Michael!