19 Dec

Santa Claus

Do you rem the first Unforgettable Gifts? All of 96 Pics for you Dear today! Agnetis Miracle

10 Dec

Backstage Bikini Show

"from IdeaBoxSept 2016 - You voted for ""Low light Backstage VIDEO from Bikini Fashion Show""
Thank you Jan8kennedy for the Idea!54% Low light Backstage VIDEO from Bikini Fashion Show[by Jan8kennedy]
38% Pics or VIDEO comparing My Twins to different fruits![by John]
8% VIDEO of you doing your make-up [by Steven M]

" Agnetis Miracle

27 Nov


#BlackFridayWhat do you really think?
Agnetis Miracle

23 Nov

Falling In Love

"Falling In Love by Agnetis Miracle
" Agnetis Miracle

11 Nov


"Valin Women Gold Party Dress from my WishList" Agnetis Miracle

06 Nov


by Agnetis Miracle Gallery 84 Pics
Agnetis Miracle

30 Oct


Agnetis Miracle

22 Oct


Workout So out of curiosity, what exercises do you recommend?
43 PICS of My Workout Chest
Agnetis Miracle

9 Oct

Livco Corsetti Abra

"Livco Corsetti Abra from my /Passing away.
" Agnetis Miracle

2 Oct

Lovely Lazy Long Weekend...

Lovely Lazy Long Weekend... by Agnetis Miracle
Gallery 81 Pics
Agnetis Miracle

25 Sep


"Don't Stop Your Show by Agnetis Miracle
VIDEO 9:24
" Agnetis Miracle

21 Sep

Workout #003

"Workout #003 - TreadmillSimply ;)
" Agnetis Miracle

19 Sep

Practicing #YogaTopless

"from IdeaBox
Practicing YogaMarch 2016 - You voted for ""Practicing yoga""
Thank youDaniel for the Idea!44% Practicing yoga [by Daniel]
40% Get messy with a cake;) [by Steven]
16% Painting myself by watching in the mirror [by John]
" Agnetis Miracle

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