9 Aug


Spectacular Agnetis!
Reloaded and extended, you'll be amazed with the #90 never published, summer frames! Agnetis Miracle

28 Jul

Summer River

Spend Summer with Agnetis Miracle!
Fabulous, Me, River, my #DayDream World
8:51 Agnetis Miracle

18 Jul


Golden Bikini on the beach! Agnetis Miracle

10 Jul


Sunny Summer Agnetis Miracle

2 Jul


"Me! from WishList
Gaia Alba Maxi Semi-Padded Bra,Size 34K, Light Pink
3:51" Agnetis Miracle

18 Jun

The Fear

The Fear Agnetis Miracle

04 Jun


Some Exciting Exercises - PART 2from My Exercises book:
Jogging, Streaching, Walking & Jogging Light! ENJOY!
SportyStyle 4:55 Agnetis Miracle

29 May


SuperModern - NO!
8:49 Agnetis Miracle

21 May


Puppies Agnetis Miracle

14 May

Sunny Powder

Lovely Sunny Powder Agnetis Miracle

09 May


Some Exciting Exercises - PART 1from My Exercises book:
Forward bend, waist twists, jumping & chest stretching! ENJOY!
SportyStyle 5:06 Agnetis Miracle

01 May

The Pearls

The Pearls, Midnight and Me... Agnetis Miracle

24 Apr

Workout #4

Agnetis Miracle

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