06 May

Black dress

It`s time to create our Fantasy together - All You need to do is join to our DayDream area and write me Your Fantasy in Idea Box, Best one will come True.... So what are You waiting for...
Agnetis Miracle

21 Apr

English Girl

it's time to dream a little...
Close your eyes...
I am tempting You, My Twins are squeezed by pair of braces...
My Twins are bounced and I am here only for your pleasure...
Now open your eyes Click link below and watch trailer and Decide
VIDEO 10:23
VIDEO Agnetis Miracle

09 Apr

English Girl

What do You think about me as an English girl? Do I still tempting You? Do You want me? Come, Come in to our DayDreams Be part of ME!
Agnetis Miracle

28 Mar


Agnetis Miracle

21 Mar

Cleaning Girl

if you wonder how Twins looks like when I clean your house just watch it

11 Mar

In the Kitchen

You know that I like to cook and make different delicacies, that's why I feel good in the kitchen. I invite you to look at the Gallery now, and in a moment see VIDEO as cleaning girl!
Agnetis Miracle

28 Feb

White Lotus

In My IdeaBox you voted for 'Amazing Twins in the oil' so you GOT IT! Thank you Gary for the Idea!VIDEO 5:53

12 Feb


I love Sprinkles. The cupcakes are yummy! VIDEO 6:30

30 Jan

in the Morning

Too Sleepy To Wake Up in the Morning RELOAD 94HQ
Agnetis Miracle

15 Jan


Time for Sprinkles! Have you a taste for sprinkle?
Agnetis Miracle

06 Jan


I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love...
Agnetis Miracle

31 Dec


Look with hope in the new 2018! #HappyNewYear

23 Dec

White Santa

Stay Fabulous and Have a Safe & Wonderful Christmas! A.
Agnetis Miracle

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