15 May

Sea and Waves

I want to say Big Thank You to all who have supported my trip to the Canaries - I love You!!! I'm sure that you will not be disapointed! Take off on 31 May!
Agnetis Miracle

09 May

This Morning...

Agnetis Miracle

26 Apr


Paradise Bikini Bikini Blue 32K is ready for the inauguration on the beaches of the Canary Islands soon but you won't be disappointed right now...
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22 Apr


Agnetis in the Sauna Bath
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16 Apr


Only a few, I'm here because of you...
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12 Apr


/unreleased/I love my assets, but what I love more is decorating them by new bras!Each of bra is a new crown for my twins. It is a huge pleasure when I check which of the crown fits best. I am very glad that you also share adoration for sexy lingerie. I'm curious which of the bras do you like the most?
Thank you all for new ideas, your creativity is encouraged to action... and for the lingerie :)
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8 Apr

High Heel

From Chris Agnetis in CRYSTAL ENCRUSTED High Heel by ETSY
Agnetis Miracle

7 Apr


GoPro...Sun, fresh air and daily exercise, this is what I need now, by the way I checked my GoPro - right way?
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1 Apr


Topless Sunbathing in GreeceI love the sun, the wind and the ocean. I could sunbathe all day...

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Agnetis in the Sauna BathTraining for the spring holidays in the Canaries
starting from the experience of Sweat Satisfaction on my own body...
there is hot... will be hotter
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From my personal Little Box of DayDreamsYou voted for In Long gloves
Thank you Peter for the Idea!

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Blue Sea

Big Blue Sea and Me...One of the many moments from Greece, I will share all of them with you!

This Voyage proudly brought to You by my Friends.

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The Mirage is Not a Mirage!
Agnetis Miracle

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