07 Jan

New Year!

Must make effort to do:
#1 take care of my instruments - personally & body
#2 try to find someone to take dancing from
#3 try to enjoy myself when I can - I'll be miserable enough as it is...
...and be there always on time - no excuses for being ever late
Agnetis Miracle

23 Dec


I'm Pretty, but I'm not Beautiful
I Sin, but I'm not the Devil
I'm Good, but I'm not an Angel... Really?
Agnetis Miracle

17 Dec


Meditation and prayer is ten times more powerful while sitting in the violet light shining through a stained glass windowLeonardo da Vinci
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13 Dec

Santa Agnetis

Santa Claus is Coming to You! -
VIDEO Agnetis Miracle

8 Dec

Santa Claus is Coming to You!

Agnetis Miracle

5 Dec

This is Party Cleavage!

Agnetis Miracle

2 Dec


Underwater World of Agnetis - VIDEOMy GOPRO in action again!

VIDEO Agnetis Miracle

27 Nov


Underwater World of Agnetis
Agnetis Miracle

18 Nov


Sun of Lanzarote
Agnetis Miracle

12 Nov

New Pool - Let's choose best idea

IdeaBox Previously - You voted for 61%! - COMING SOON Thank you Nitram for the Idea!Worm's eye view
Agnetis Miracle

7 Nov


Saying Goodbye to Pumpkins
VIDEO Agnetis Miracle

31 Oct

Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?
Agnetis Miracle

16 Oct


Worm's eye view - VIDEOThe view is different... your point of view depends on where you sit. This one is dedicated for some of you... I hope lot of you

VIDEO Agnetis Miracle

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