03 Sept

In the Woods...

Woods and nature - Agnetis Miracle

26 Aug


The holiday of DayDreams. Spent a few days in Heaven, collecting unforgettable moments. A golden opportunity to enjoy yourself, and be in touch with nature... Agnetis Miracle

19 Aug


Trees... Agnetis Miracle

11 Aug


I love nature, in the wilderness I feel so amazing, join the walk? Agnetis Miracle

6 Aug


Moisturizing Agnetis Miracle

30 Jul


Heavy Sun Agnetis Miracle

24 Jul

Workout #002

Workout #002 - Lap Pull DownThe early beginnings of the Holiday Adventure
Agnetis Miracle

17 Jul


Things you need to know about Suspenders before adding them to your repertoireLose the Loops. ...
Mind the Rise. ...
Adjust the Length. ...
Leave a Little Room. ...
Float the Waist. ...
Ease the Fluctuations. ...
Suspenders Are UNDERWEAR!
Agnetis Miracle

3 Jul

Polka Dots

Polka Dots Agnetis Miracle

25 Jun


River Agnetis Miracle

16 Jun


Agnetis Miracle

8 Jun

Good Morning

Good Morning Love Good morning love,
know that beautiful,
that I will be part of your hours,
your minutes,
of your sunset and nightfall,
more beautiful still,
know that before you read this
You've also said
Good morning love.'

DayDream Inspired by Lucas Agnetis Miracle

4 Jun

Blue Velvet

Agnetis Miracle

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