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I am so very happy that you decided to join me and help me to create a special day dream that is just for us. Check out all of my daydreams and enjoy the dream that I have created for you so far. Agnetis Miracle
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Agnetis Miracle
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17 Aug

The Rock

VIDEO Agnetis Miracle

29 Jul

Holiday Photos

Agnetis Miracle

18 Jul

Stony Beach

Agnetis Miracle

03 Jul

My summer adventures

Its time to get some sunbath for my Twins Agnetis Miracle

1 June

White Lady

be careful because you'll be addicted...
VIDEO PREVIEW" Agnetis Miracle

18 May

Playing with gravity

Agnetis Miracle

06 May

Black dress

It`s time to create our Fantasy together - All You need to do is join to our DayDream area and write me Your Fantasy in Idea Box, Best one will come True.... So what are You waiting for... Agnetis Miracle

21 Apr

English Girl

"it's time to dream a little...
Close your eyes...
I am tempting You, My Twins are squeezed by pair of braces...
My Twins are bounced and I am here only for your pleasure...
Now open your eyes Click link below and watch trailer and Decide
VIDEO PREVIEW 10:23" Agnetis Miracle

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