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I am so very happy that you decided to join me and help me to create a special day dream that is just for us. Check out all of my daydreams and enjoy the dream that I have created for you so far. Agnetis Miracle
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04 Jun

Home Exercises

To be in shape you have to practice a bit, see how did I do

18 May


Ultramarine, The color, like a truffle in the kitchen, like Me in the #DayDream is not an appropriate ingredient for dabblers and dilettantes
Agnetis Miracle

03 May


Looking through the pictures I found retro folders, you saw something, but most of them not, beautiful times... do you want more?
Agnetis Miracle

03 Apr

How are you?

See thrue story
Agnetis Miracle

08 Mar


My super sexy black mini dress
Agnetis Miracle

20 Feb

Gray Violet

Gray Violet
Agnetis Miracle

25 Jan


Intensive moisturizing by velvet milk cream [by Marco] always waiting for your ideas

11 Jan


In the spotlight
Agnetis Miracle

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