You have entered my sensual world and I hope that you

... have plenty of time to spend with me. I want to explore you from top to bottom and I hope that you are worth my time and energy. I am perfection and you must be willing to go that extra mile to prove yourself to me! xoxo Agnetis Miracle
18 June

The Fear

The Fear

04 June


Some Exciting Exercises - PART 2

from My Exercises book:
Jogging, Streaching, Walking & Jogging Light! ENJOY!

SportyStyle VIDEO 4:53

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29 May


SuperModern - NO!
VIDEO 8:49

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14 May

Sunny Powder

Lovely Sunny Powder

Let Me be a Sunny Powder of your dreams!
01 May

The Pearls

The Pearls, Midnight and Me...

11 April


Who's that Lipstick on ME?

VIDEO 6:24
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