You have entered my sensual world and I hope that you

... have plenty of time to spend with me. I want to explore you from top to bottom and I hope that you are worth my time and energy. I am perfection and you must be willing to go that extra mile to prove yourself to me! xoxo Agnetis Miracle
18 February

The Cleavage

67%If you have it, flaunt it!

Exactly 100 shots of what you love!

Download if You Love!
05 February

Men's shirt

Men's shirt RELOAD 47 HQ FRAMES 2560x3840

Do women actually lounge around in men's dress shirts?
And if so, is it actually sexy?
28 January

Winter vs. Spring

I Love Flowers. I Love ...

Watch Free Movie
11 February


Romantic Disasters?

What you think?
21 January


by Agnetis Miracle

10 December

Backstage Bikini Show

from IdeaBox

September 2016 - You voted for "Low light Backstage Video from Bikini Fashion Show"
Thank you Jan8kennedy for the Idea!

54% Low light Backstage Video from Bikini Fashion Show[by Jan8kennedy]
38% Pics or Video comparing My Twins to different fruits![by John]
8% Video of you doing your make-up [by Steven M]

31 December


All the Very Best for All!
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